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The Pseudo Decathlon
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August 12th - 14th 2011

The Pseudo Decathlon will proceed according to the following schedule. All activities are at Scott's house in Naperville unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, August 11th 2011
- Official Decathlon Practice Night - 6:00pm

Friday, August 12th 2011
- Arrival of Decathletes - 9:00am
- Opening Ceremonies - 9:30am
- Bowling - 10:00am at the Brunswick Zone in Naperville
- Pool and Air Hockey - After Bowling is complete, also at the Brunswick Zone
- Ping-Pong, Darts, and Foosball start - After Pool and Air Hockey

Saturday, August 13th 2011
- Bags and Croquet start while Ping-Pong, Darts, and Foosball resume - 10:00am
- HORSE - In the afternoon after at least the first round of Croquet is complete, at the basketball courts at 75th and Wehrli Road
- Ping-Pong, Darts, Foosball, Bags, and Croquet resume - After HORSE is complete
- Pool and Air Hockey resume (if necessary) - After HORSE is complete

Sunday, August 14th 2011
- Ping-Pong, Darts, Foosball, Bags, and Croquet resume - 10:00am
- Mini-Golf - After all other events are complete, at the Sports Zone mini-golf course in Aurora at Route 34 and Route 30
- Awards Ceremony and the Simmons Cup presentation - After Mini-Golf
- Closing Ceremonies and Dinner - After Awards Ceremony, location TBD