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June 19th - 21st 2009

The Haiku – By Andy Loose (Edited by Todd Franiuk)

Paul Bober:
Question of the day
Will Bober arrive on time?
Don't you bet on it...

Kevin Reuer:
Gets mad at the rain
Funny looking Asian guy
Will he defend cup?

Jim Drag:
Good at indoor games
Not so much with the outdoors
Please keep your shirt on

Jim Tamburo:
Won a match of pong
Victory lap was classic
Use the gate next time

Todd Franiuk:
Every year a threat
Don't suck during HORSE this time
Not the cooler's fault

Matthew Hart:
Easily angered
Good thing there's no ref in HORSE
Would possibly kill

Peter Alvarado:
Last year finished 10th
Taught Joe not to wrestle him
Knee meet nose, nose, knee

Robbie Graham:
The only female
Distractions are advantage
Should use more often

Joe Conrad:
Did he graduate?
Missed the decathlon last year
He loves Foster’s beer

Dan Conrad:
Best to never win
Does a great Harry Caray
Spelled backwards, darnoc

Scott Stein:
The co-creator
First year decathlon winner
Diary day three?

Fernando Cahue:
Great at bags and darts
Easy to do with one hand
Uhh...that's what she said?

Erik Lund:
Portrayed as Jim-Lite
Wants to re-claim foosball crown
Wrist pain is long gone

Bill Mosser:
Lost last year to Ru
Worst finish was in bowling
Should watch more Kingpin

Steve Larsen:
He’ll buy you donuts
He kills guitar hero drums
He lives in BuFu

Rob Sargis:
Crammed for Med Exam
His wife’s allegiance questioned
He can save your life